No Worries About Charging:

Pay Once a Month, Stay Relaxed!

Why Plugo?
Our Key Features

All charging stations accessible

Access to charging stations from different companies via a single application.

Find the nearest station

Discover the nearest charging stations to you within seconds using your location.

Easy payment

Conduct transactions at all charging stations with a single payment method. Escape payment complexities.

Comfortable journey with the smart map

Preference set, follow route based on your car and charge.

Access up-to-date information

Access up-to-date information about charging station pricing, availability, and more.

Track the charging process

Track real-time charging progress, monitor time, and get notified on completion

One App, Unlimited Energy:

Charge Anywhere, Anytime

With electric vehicles, traveling without charging issues is now quite possible. With Plugo, you can easily continue your day by viewing nearby available charging stations. Whether it’s a short or long journey, we’ll create your route based on your car’s and your needs. While benefiting from services around the charging station, you’ll be able to track your charging status and make payments through Plugo with just a touch when the charging process is complete!

Say Goodbye to Electric Vehicle Charging Issues with Plugo

You can meet all your travel needs with Plugo without being tied to multiple apps. The problems frequently faced by electric vehicle owners are a thing of the past. Issues like outdated charging station information, uncertainty about availability, longer routes, running out of charge, and the hassle of entering details into multiple apps are no longer a concern thanks to Plugo.

All the answers to your questions about charging stations are in Plugo!

"Is there a platform where I can see all the up-to-date information about charging stations?"

What are the alternative routes if a station is busy on the main route?

Are there available charging points when arriving at the station? Is there an option to get information beforehand?

Is it possible to transact at all stations with a single payment method?

Plugo is getting better and better!

We are working every day to improve Plugo and bring you new features. Soon enough, you will be able to start the charging process and pay from Plugo. By using Plugo for your EV’s needs, you will be receiving promotions and deals from surrounding service points.
Download the app and stay tuned!


In which devices can I use the application?
Our application is compatible with both iOS and Android devices and can be downloaded from the respective app stores.
Which regions do you provide charging station information for?
Our application provides information about charging stations from many regions across Turkey. You can use the map feature to zoom in and view stations in specific areas. We will soon be expanding to Finland and other European countries.
Can I charge my vehicle at all stations with a single payment method?
Yes, thanks to our platform, you can easily charge your vehicle at all partner charging stations with a single payment method. If you prefer not to worry about charging processes, you can explore the subscription models that suit you.
Are all charging stations updated in real time on the application?
The availability status of charging stations listed in our application is updated based on information obtained from station providers. However, we would like to remind you that some stations may not provide real-time information.